Visemes showing -none-

I googled this problem and read basically every thread but didn’t find a solution. I created my visemes, made sure I’ve exported to the optimal settings I’ve seen, yet still when I import the mesh into the visemeblend option I just get -none- in the drop down menu.

My model is very low poly, I’m really unsure of what other info to give, as everything is named an organized, I’ve seen that this is a common problem but most just say it’s an export issue. Not sure if there have been any other solutions or common reasons they just won’t show up in Unity.

You likely messed up something in blender.
The most common reason why this may happen is when you have unapplied modifiers on your mesh in Blender. Depending on what it is this will prevent blender from exporting the shape keys with the model, either applying the modifier or removing it and then exporting it should solve it.

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Thank you for that answer, I haven’t seen that as a solution before so I’ll try it when I get home!

This was the exact problem, thank you!