Viseme exist but do not show up in avatar descriptor

I was asked to help setup someones avatar for VRChat. I’m able to set everything up fine and well until I get to the avatar descriptor and specifically the lip sync part. The body mesh of the avatar seems to possess the blendshapes needed for viseme but when I select Viseme Blend Shapes then drag the body skinned mesh renderer into the Viseme Skinned Mesh nothing pops up. I did not create this model and was simply asked to optimize it but now I’m stuck at this part in the process.!

That SDK looks fairly old. What Unity version and SDK are you using anyway?

Unity 2018.4.20f1 and the SDK was downloaded recently but I will check to see if it’s outdated. I was working on a model yesterday and it all was working fine.

I downloaded the most recent version of SDK and tried again but the same problem persists. I also went into blender and checked that the visemes were set up and they were but I will try to mess around with it in blender again.

Try a new project and see if that works.

I made a new project and that seemed to work. Thank you! Still don’t know what was wrong the first time though but I’m happy it’s fixed.