View Position Z axis problems

This is a problem that I’ve seen multiple avatar creators come across, and I just wanted to make another post about it to try to spread the problem. I made an avatar that isn’t rigged, so it doesn’t have any animations or whatever, but it has really big eyes coming from the main body.

So I can see the big eyes from the view position because the view position is supposedly behind the big eyes. But, according to what I set up in unity, it is actually this.

The only fix I could find was making an invisible mesh to put the view position on, but I think that’s very janky, and there should be a fix to this. If there are any other tips/fixes, or even just an explanation as to why the view position’s z axis is restricted to the mesh, please explain. Also, if this model were fully rigged, would this not be the case?

I came across the same problem with non-humanoid avatars, apparently the view point on non-humanoid avatars is stuck on y-axis no matter how you change it in unity.