View Position won't move away from avatar in world

Hello, everyone!

I’m making a simple avatar with generic rig. It is essentially a potato with non-transparent glasses. I have set the view position as shown on the picture. The Z position for it is 0.5. It can be clearly seen that the view point is right in front of the glasses.

But when I upload it and wear it in-world, the glasses obscure my view. As if the view point were just behind the glasses.

I have tried to set Z to 1, even 2. Makes no difference.
At the same time, setting it higher by Y works - it moves higher. Only Z misbehaves somehow.

I tried to merge the avatar into one mesh in Blender and reimport it. No effect.

Why is this happening? Is there a limit to how far away a view position can be by Z?

You could just delete the back face of the glasses so that you can see past them.

But this is happening because it’s a generic avatar. Humanoid avatars don’t have this issue if the glasses are attached to the head since it’s behind scaled down locally.

Why the view position doesn’t affect it, then either it’s just to large of a avatar or the z is too small.

It seems that the Z position of view is constrained to pivot point, not the settings in descriptor.

I’ll file a bug report later to Feedback.

Worked around it by creating a skeleton and an additional transparent mesh, to which I rigged the skeleton.

It is an overhead in terms of creating an avatar (time-consuming). And I’m not sure if the Standard material with full transparency in Albedo in Cutout mode is supported by all clients. But it’s the best I could come up with for now.

So I created an avatar like this one, but it’s a lot smaller. It has big eyes so I have to move the view position more in front of the model, but it’s not working. So this means that the view position is restricted to the mesh by just the z axis? Because when moving along the Y axis you can set it to as high as you want and it will work. I don’t understand how this is even a problem.

Until a fix is found or made, I will try the invisible mesh idea, even though that slightly increases polygons and colliders. At least there is some form of fix.