View position higher on built models

I recently updated to unity 2019.4.31 with SDK3 and since doing that I’ve been having a lot of trouble setting up avatars. It seems like the view position is resetting when I build the models.

For instance, this is where the view position is supposed to be:

And this is where the view position actually is:

This really messes with tracking and such, it moves my avatar’s entire body when I look around and the arms are always bent even when my arms are resting at my sides. Any ideas what’s going on or how to fix it?
I’ve tried adjusting my height in vrc but it doesn’t fix the issue, since the problem is with the view point itself.

Try checking your viewpoint against your avatar while it is in T-Pose. The viewpoint is actually set against your avatar while you’re in T-pose, so depending on how your armature is set up that might be quite different in height from your normal height.

Yeah, basically head positions of your model should match between how it is shown in the scene (assuming you keep it at 0,0,0 position there) view and how it is posed in the rig configuration screen.

think i got it figured out; because their head is so big i have to put the view point lower in their head in order for it to work rather than in line with their eyes.