View position changing drastically when crouching and proning

So I’m making an avatar and the view gets way lower when doing any of those actions.
What could be causing the issue? It seems to me that the viewport is not propperly parented to the head or has different scaling, but everything has its scaling set to 1.

Does your viewpoint stay at the same height regardless of if your IRL headset moves op or down? (Or in the case of PC, crouch, jump, etc).

If you are using physbones, starting a physbone on the root bone can do that. Check if any scripts are affecting the root bone (usually that would be the hip bone). If you want to be extra sure, duplicate your avatar and delete the physbones of the dupe, and test if the issue is still there.

If that doesn’t solve it Im afraid I’m out of ideas, generally speaking your viewpoint should not change in relation to the root joint

Aha! That may be the issue! I have physbones starting from the root bone but excluding it, will try that!
I also added GoGo loco, that may be part of the issue too, but I tried removing all the animators and nothing changed, so I will try deleting the physbone.

Thank you so much!

YUP it was the physbones! Thank you so much, this has been slowly killing me for the past few days but it’s finally fixed!