View Position ball not showing up

Hi there!
I’ve noticed since the latest Unity 2019 update, my view position ball has disappeared and I can’t seem to asjut it with the standart unity arrows. Punching numbers doesn’t seem to help either. I tried placing a new FBX and a new avatar descriptor and can’t have my view point ball show up

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Mate I suggest you move back to 2018 since 2019 seems to be very unstable for VRChat. Sure, the SDK will yell at you for using the “wrong version” but I’ve had no issue uploading 2.0 avatars and worlds at the moment.

Had this problem and fixed it myself
Be sure you are not hiding Gismos in the viewport.



ive been having the same issue and the hizmo isnt even hidden for some reason its 2019 unity

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I also had the same issue; gizmos in its entirety as a button was default set to off. Even if items in the gizmos dropdown are enabled, the master toggle is the gizmos button itself.

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it has something to do with the unity view. if you save your current view (top right dropdown) then load the default view you’ll be able to see the viewpoint.

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I’m currently having the same issue right now and I have no idea how to fix it.
The ball is just gone and i cant see it anywhere.

I was having this issue on 2019.4.31 but not on the other versions. Not sure what I had clicked as everything looked identical when I compared previous versions of unity. I fixed it by reverting to factory settings in the layout drop down at top right of the unity window.


this worked so well


thank you soo much that helped me alot!!! frist time i ever found an answer to a VRC sdk question that worked

Tried this, it still doesn’t show up for me for some reason.

Try selecting your avatar in your SampleScene, then go to Transform in your inspector. Set all of your position to 0 x,y,z. Worked for me. Also if you click on Edit next to the View position in the VRC Avatar Descriptor an XYZ slider will appear where the ball is.

I got it to work, I had to go to gizmos and change the color icon of the vrc avatar descriptor for some reason. As soon as I put an icon on it it made it visible lol


For me it worked when I only klick on Gizmos so that it is marked. See Screenshot :slight_smile: