Video player with the new UDON system?

With the new UDON system, is creating a video player (or video/live streamer) for a world any different, and how can I create one, if needed, with UDON. Any advice is welcome!

Thanks in advance!

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Video players are not yet supported in UDON, but we will get it in the future.

Thanks for the heads up on that. Any other way to implement it, or I just have to wait?

You will have to wait, no exposed methods or components to work with.

But if you look at the SDK2 Video Player methods, it should hopefully be the same methods those.

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@zaelux You can use the Unity Video Player component at the moment, but it will only work with URLs that point directly to MP4 files, like on Dropbox or your own server.

But we can’t do anything with the video component because it’s not exposed in Udon :confused:

Could of course go the way of using UI input and buttons, but that’s not a way to deal with it.

Then why release the update BEFORE it’s feature complete, it’s just stupid…

Because VRChat is still in active development? UDON is in alpha stage, which means it’s not feature complete.