Video Player for quest

Hi im trying to use a video player for my world on vrchat, ive tried different methods and different players that i found online , including the default vrchat one but nothing seems to work. i just want to play one video that i have on google drive/ onedrive/ youtube / on my pc. Anyone can help me please?

Quest can’t resolve complex URLs so you have to host videos for playback on Quest somewhere that you can link directly to the MP4.

I’ve used before personally, it worked fairly well-- but it is a paid CDN, so it won’t be free.

Strongly recommend you a YouTube link with this prefabs

It works for me very well

Hey thanks for the help although it doesnt seem to be working for me is there any alternative??

Just ask the creator. It happened to me as well.
It works getting the video from youtube. If you cannot use the default video player, I believe there is a settings problem or something.
I insist, go find the creator on discord and tell your problem.