Varneon's UdonSharp Projects

Thanks to UdonSharp I have finally been able to dedicate most of my time into experimenting with more advanced features for VRChat worlds as nodes have never really worked for me for any other purpose than creating shaders.

I have a big pile of U# prototypes that I’m actively working on, and I felt like it would be a good idea to make a “journal” where I can drop some showcases of all of my UdonSharp related projects.

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For the longest time I have had issues with aiming at small buttons on UIs, and I have always wanted to have a UI panel that you can manipulate with your avatar’s fingertips.

Here is the first test of the current prototype:

I’m planning on trying to make all of my future UIs with similar functionality, which dynamically switches the finger detection off if you are not using VR, your avatar doesn’t have any of the 3 bones on any of the fingers available or if you decide to use the standard UI raycast from your hand.


Ever since I started creating VRChat worlds, I have always wanted to make fully functioning arcade, and now the first machine has reached the stage of being a stable proof of concept prototype.

The floor is currently using avatar’s Foot/Toes bones to detect the positions.


One of my greatest motivators regarding Udon is vehicles! And now the first working demo for a drivable car is finally done!

The entire car is made out of multiple highly customizable Udon components like the vehicle controller, door, steering wheel, seat, pedals and audio, regardless of the vehicle type, wheel count or drivetrain type, all of these components can be dropped to the car and they can be adjusted to work just the way you like it.

After I’m finished adding full support for all different control types (desktop, VR, fullbody), handbrake and engine start & stop, fine tuning the wheel physics and audio, and maybe adding manual transmission, I’m planning to release a driving world with hopefully about 20+ vehicles scattered around the world that can be driven.


This is awsome !!! I have been playing with something similar, (attempting to send a Custom Event, on a correct code) Will you be publishing the Udon# script ?

The plan is to eventually release most of my Udon programs for the public as prefabs when Udon becomes more stable and we get access to the rest of the more common classes.

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That would be great !! I got my security keypad sort of working in the node graph, but an udon sharp version is probably the way to go.

Wanted to get my mind away from all of the optimization, reliability improvements and tweaking, so I decided to quickly start working on the stereo system for the cars.

The audio filters work based on the door angles and your head’s position relative to the interior volume, which is defined by a box collider.

Wanted to create a tool for modifying properties on components during runtime while in VRChat to speed up prototyping and tweaking during world creation. I’m planning to expand this system to cover most common components and also to have it’s own hierarchy for selecting, modifying, duplicating, removing and adding gameobjects.

Here is a follow-up to the runtime inspector panel I showed earlier.
This tool should allow you to easily manipulate the world or make small tweaks to try out new things without having to always go back to the editor.

Working on some more useful classes for common functionality, this time it’s cubic bezier curve.

I have finally made my UdonSharp warehouse public in VRChat. The world is a showcase for some of my prefabs that I’m planning to share for free later this year.

I have also hidden some items in the world, forcing you to use the runtime hierarchy to find them and gain access.