Varneon's Udon Vehicles | Docks - Time Trial [PC & Quest]

Varneon's Udon Vehicles | Docks - Time Trial [PC & Quest]

What is this world?

Varneon’s Udon Vehicles | Docks - Time Trial is my second fully interactive driving world made using the latest version of my Udon Vehicles framework, and this time it’s made to be Quest compatible from the ground up!

Unlike the PC only island world which was released half a year earlier, this world focuses on time trial obstacle course with other brand new features like vehicle customization, reward vehicles and much more.

What are Udon Vehicles?

My Udon Vehicles represents the highest end of currently available social VR driving experiences and allows you to physically grab the steering wheel, gear shifter and doors, while also making it possible for you to use your feet to press the pedals in fullbody tracking mode.

I have been developing the core framework of the vehicles since UdonSharp became available in early 2020 and Udon Vehicles SDK is planned to be released during 2022 on GitHub for free, allowing everyone to make their own drivable vehicles for their worlds using their own assets.

If you want to know more about the history of my Udon Vehicles, make sure to check out my VRChat world development vlog playlist on YouTube:

What sparked the idea for this world?

VRChat hosted their second world jam (VRChat Obstacle Jam - in August in the theme of an obstacle course time trials.

Originally I didn’t think about participating due to not having any good ideas for a submission, but it ended up being the perfect opportunity to introduce my Udon Vehicles on Quest by creating a ~1 minute long course where you can race for the best time.

I had previously acquired some incredible low poly assets which I ended up using to make the world come alive roughly in a week.

World overview

Quick Menu

This is the first world where I have fully implemented my latest quick menu prototype which is a brand new, powerful interface for the end user to control the world from, accessible right within their HUD.

How to open the quick menu:

  • Desktop: Press [Q] to toggle the quick menu On / Off
  • VR: Place your right hand on the right side of your head and pull your right trigger.

How to navigate the menus:

  • Desktop: Arrow keys, Enter, Backspace
  • VR:
    • Right Thumbstick = Up / Down
    • Right Trigger = Enter
    • Left Trigger = Back
    • Pull Right Trigger + Move Right Controller Horizontally = Adjust Sliders & Multi Option Items


You spawn into the world and you will find yourself in a gated yard of a car mod shop.

The main gate leads to the starting line and since the time trial aspect is the main focus of the world, majority of the layout is dedicated for the track itself.

Friendly reminder: This world is just the first one of it’s kind, many more will become available in the future, including rather large worlds. :wink:

Default Vehicles

The world has 5 vehicles which are available for everyone by default: 4 sports cars (2 Manual, 2 Automatic) and a lawn mower.

These vehicles are shared by all players in the instance and as of now the concept of “owning a vehicle” doesn’t exist - if no one is sitting in the driver seat, the car can be claimed by anyone.

So if you join a public instance with many people in it, most of the cars are probably being driven by other people, in which case the only options are to either wait for one to free up, ask someone to give you theirs or start a new instance.

Reward Vehicles

Time trial world includes 2 reward vehicles that you can earn permission for to drive by completing the time trial within 90 seconds and 60 seconds respectively using one of the 4 sports cars that are available by default.

Vehicle Customization

Customization of the vehicles is an experimental feature that was implemented into the time trial world just to see how it could be executed and how usable and reliable the system would be.

You can customize all of the sports cars by opening the hood, these modifications are synced for everyone.


Above the start / finish line you can find a board which shows all of the players in the instance and their best time on the track


This should not be confused with the leaderboard showcased above.

Playerlist shows information about the instance and the players like everyone’s join time, Patreon supporter status, player ID, instance lifetime, total player count, etc.

Music Player (PC Only)

Music player allows you to listen songs from a set of playlists while spending time in the world

Tip: Music player can also be controlled remotely from the quick menu

How To Drive

The world has 2 info boards (one in the lobby, one in the garage), these boards have all of the necessary information you need so please make sure to check them out!

@silverlighting has recently made a wonderful video going through all the necessary steps on how to drive the vehicles: VRChat - Varneon's Udon Vehicles Time Trial Quest / PC World - How to drive - YouTube

Basic Troubleshooting

Can't enter any vehicle

  • Try closing and opening the door again
  • Modified client blocking seats? (ToS!)

Avatar freezes in place when sitting

  • You are in fullbody:

    • Make sure that the avatar you are using is AV3 (If unsure, use the avatar in the lobby)
    • Make sure that the tracking mode in the world’s quick menu is set to “Fullbody(Quick Menu > Vehicles > Tracking Mode)
    • Go to your AV3 expression menu and press “Reset Avatar
  • You are not in fullbody:

    • Make sure that the tracking mode in the world’s quick menu settings is set to “VR(Quick Menu > Vehicles > Tracking Mode)

Can't start the vehicle

  • Gear shifter has to be in the middle pointing upwards (Neutral)
  • Hold the start button for 2 seconds

Vehicle keeps turning off

  • The vehicles work very much like real cars, meaning that they also stall if the RPM of the engine gets too low below the idle RPM.
    • You can turn on stall prevention by navigating to (Quick Menu > Vehicles > Stall Prevention = ON)

World information

Release date:



PC: ~20MB
Quest: ~15MB


  • 4x Sports cars (2 Manual, 2 Automatic)
  • Lawn mower
  • 60s Reward Car
  • 90s Reward Car

Where can I find this world?

You can visit the world here:

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99% of the time I have no clue what I’m doing, it just feels right. Just trying to make something cool for everyone in VR.


This is so impressive how can i join this map

Thank you!

The bottom of the article has a section called “Where can I find this world?”, just follow the link to find details for the world and either search for the world in-game or invite yourself to an instance from the website.


i think you should make a initial D type world with a touge and an AE86 :smiley: would be amazing