Uploading issues

I’m having issues uploading an avatar i bought on booth


Its my first time uploading an avatar, im using unity 2018.4.20f1 and the proper SDK but i cant seem to get it to publish.

The seller also mentioned I’d have to use something called unity chan, which i am, yet im still having no luck.

You need the following for that to work or you’ll have to modify it.

VRChat SDK2 (Free)
Unity-Chan Toon Shader v2 (Free)
Dynamic Bones ($20)

However Dynamic bones (or the shader for that matter) are not a requirement to be able to upload, you can remove the missing scripts in order for you to be able to upload the model or if you don’t have UCTS2 you can change the shader. Pretty simple.

Since Dynamic bones is a paid asset some people who sell models may make two prefabs of the model for you to use in Unity. One with dynamic bones and one without it. However I have no idea if this seller has done so, if not refer to what I said below.

In your case you likely lack dynamic bones and would either have to get them or remove the missing script that’s on them. First right click on your model in the hierarchy then click unpack prefab. Then you can search “t:script” in the hierarchy search box to get a list of game objects with a script on them, go through them and if any of them have a missing script, remove it.

Should i unpack the prefab completely?

Also how can i tell a script is missing?

I see it says “Missing: (Mono Script)” but im not sure where to delete what exactly. Thank you for your patience by the way, I really appreciate it

If you see a component on your avatar that contains a missing script and you don’t want to bother with getting the script that’s missing, just remove it.