Uploading for first time, unity Sdk not working, dont know how to fix errors. avatar by Nardoragon I retextured in blender

You have errors in your console. Those needs to be resolved first.

The one I do see is that you don’t have TextMeshPro properly installed.

I recommend you reimport text mesh pro (Window -> Package Manage -> Look for TextMeshPro, then remove and reinstall)

You can also right click and hit reimport all, but preferred to do the one above just to be sure it’s done right.

done but have alot of cs1061 errors

I updated collab in package manager which corrected it. sdk is working. but now i have these.

That should be fine. Plastic is only needed if you want version control. So you can safely uninstall that if you want (but I recommend that you have some form of backup done on your projects)

The warning can be ignored

If everything is working fine, please mark it as solved :slight_smile:

how do I mark post as solved, sorry im new.