Uploading First Avatar

I commissioned my first avatar! I’m super excited to use it, but I’m absolutely LOST on how to upload it. It was sent to me as a HUGE Unity project. I downloaded Unity, the 2018 version that VR Chat advised, and the VR Chat SDK or something like that, addon. Unity prompted me saying that there was a new version available that I should download, so I did, and SDK told me after that it was incompatable with that version, that I should go back.

So I uninstalled Unity, reinstalled the 2018 version and reopened the project. But SDK doesn’t give me an option to log in, or upload, it just has one option which is configure or something like that.

I recently merged my Oculus account into a full VR Chat account and was granted avatar permission. I had logged into the SDK in the 2019 (Most updated version of unity), but was unable to have the ability in the 2018. I sank a good amount of money into this commission, so I’d really like to get it to work, but I’m getting very frustrated.

There must be something simple that I’m missing.
If anyone could help, I would really appreciate it.

You may have broken the project in some way with those conversions to different Unity versions and back or it was broken in the first place. When the SDK behaves the way you’re describing that means it’s broken or something else in the project is breaking it.

There’s likely an error in the console that’s messing everything up and I would have to know what it is to help.

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Thanks for the feedback, I’ll uninstall SDK and reinstall and delete the project for redownloading. Hoping that will help.

I MUST be missing something here. I totally started over. Deleted the project. Uninstalled Unity. Complete redownload on all software, and opened the project straight into Unity. SDK is at least working this time, but I’m getting THIS.

Should I begin to be speaking with the person who created the avatar? Or is this entirely my side?


It was all on my side, modeller was marvelous.

Me? Not so much.

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