Uploading avatars, no category shown in vrchat

first time i ever uploaded an avatar was today. ik it has gone through into my account because i see it through the website. but when i go into the game there is no My Creations category so i cant access the avatar(s) i upload.

What version of Unity did you use? You should be using Unity 2018.4.20f1

Well if it’s on the website saying my avatar has been uploaded and everything why does it matter? But it’s unity 2018.4.24f1

It does matter, the website may be able to see it’s been uploaded but while in-game it cannot be loaded thus it won’t display it.

For uploading avatars if you use a Unity version higher then the current version you won’t see it in-game. Reupload it on Unity 2018.4.20f1 and look for it in-game again.

this is what i get for using unity on linux. guess i wont be uploading avatars then

Plenty of people uploading their content from Linux. Just use the correct Unity version. 2018.4.20f1

i for some reason cant get that version to work

I have this issue too. My avatars were uploaded with Unity Version 2019.3.13.f1 (which I’m still using), I also see them on the website but not in-world.

TuckerRottie, The exact solution to your problem was already said when talking with OP but I’ll say it again.

Currently you must be using Unity 2018.4.20f1 if you want avatars you upload to show up in game. The Unity version you have to use is subject to change but that usually takes a while for VRC to change the Unity version so don’t worry about that too much.

You can always check the VRChat docs for the current Unity version in use here.

Wait so I have to use an older version that what I already have?! And do I have to load my avatars in Unity again and start everything over?

In that link I sent it has resources for downloading the correct version either via unity hub or as a standalone installer.

As for loading your avatars in Unity and starting everything over you may not have to. Take the avatars you’ve already made / set up in Unity and turn them into prefabs. Then when you downgrade make a backup of your project and then import it, hopefully nothing goes wrong and you can just drag and drop the prefab back into the scene and upload it.

I might as well give up. I spent 7 hours tinkering with the avatars (more than half of it to figure out how Unity works). I don’t have the slightest idea what prefabs are or how to turn the avatars into those. I think I made a back up, I’m not even sure.

To make a prefab click and hold on your avatar in the hierarchy (usually the name of it) and drag it into your assets folder.
I made a quick video to demonstrate it a bit better located here. You don’t have to detach the pipeline manager like I did in the video, I was just showing that all the settings were the same and can be interacted with.

Cool, thanks! And once that’s done, where is it saved? Because I’ll want to import it using the proper Unity version.

It saves it into the project where you dragged and dropped it so if you dragged it into a folder called “Prefabs” (like I did) then it would most likely be under Assets -> Prefabs, not too hard.

Basically when you import your project with those prefabs made it should already be there (hopefully) and you can just drag the prefab from assets to the scene.

Alright! I’m on 2018.4.20f1. Everything is there. But (of course…) when I open the VRChat SDK menu, there’s only "Utilities --> Clear Cache and PlayerPrefs.

Ah you likely have an error in your console, that’s not unlikely considering you just changed Unity versions with the project.

First thing you can try is reimporting the SDK or restarting Unity, if that doesn’t help then yeah it’s most likely an error that’s breaking it and I would have to know what it is to help further.

I just try both to no avail :expressionless:

In that case it’s likely an error. Post a picture of your console with these settings applied to it.
(Again I didn’t make this picture)