Uploading an Avatar I bought from VKet4

So i bought an avatar from the virtual market. It came with some rules to upload it but when I did so Unity would not allow me to publish it to VRChat because it said I could not upload prefabs. Any advice you all could give me regarding this?

Usually when you get avatars from Booth, they’ll come with a scene with the avatar already set up, make sure the blueprint id is blank. If need be you can unpack the prefab in scene by right clicking the hierarchy of the avatar (usually the name of the avatar. It’s what contains the armature, body, and whatever props it has on it tied to animations.) That being said, I’ve uploaded avatars without an issue while it being packed in a prefab. Could you show an image with the specific error from the Vrchat builder?

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I haven’t heard of an error like that before. You should definitely be able to upload prefabs, I do it all the time. A screenshot would help a lot as reddoh says.

just unpack the prefab by right clicking the file in the scene, you should see (unpack completely)