Uploaded Avatar's Completely Invisible

So, I’ve made a personal avatar for myself, and I managed to get the model and animation made in Blender, Imported it over to Unity, and managed to upload it with few problems (save for the time I had to rollback because turns out I was using the wrong Unity version), but said uploaded avatar’s completely invisible, even to other people. Keep in mind, it was perfectly visible in both Blender and Unity before I went.

Here’s what the Cube’s supposed to look like:

And here’s the hierarchy I used to get it over to Unity:

Just to be safe ensure you’re using Unity 2018.4.20f1 some people accidentally install 2018.4.22f1 instead.

You could be using a shader no longer supported or the shader is bugged.

Also make sure the avatar descriptor is on the top most game object, in this case ensure it’s on the object “avatar cube”

Make sure you don’t have anything “extra” added to the avatar such as an animation that could be hiding the avatar. In this case the only thing the avatar should have is the avatar descriptor with mostly default settings (no controllers) this is to ensure nothing you added is making the avatar invisible.

If nothing works I’d advise making a new project and then starting from there and see if uploading it from that works.

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I initially used 2018.24xx, but then I noticed my avatar didn’t show up in-game, and it turned out me using a completely different version of Unity was the culprit, so I re-installed Unity with that specific version and re-uploaded the project as is.

As for extra animations, I only really have the one due to my cube’s… rather simple, under 500-polygon geomoetry. Or laziness, whichever comes first.

I’ll move the descriptor over to the topmost game object, re-upload my file, and see if that fixes the issue any.

UPDATE: Actually, I just started a new project, hopefully that should do a better job of fixing the issue.

UPDATE 2: Yay, avatar’s visible now! …now I gotta figure out why my walking/hopping ‘animation’ isn’t working and to not have my cube be stuck halfway in the ground.

For the animation not working, since you’re probably gonna be using a generic rig, you’ll need to make sure that the avatar override (included in the vrcsdk folder in assets) is attached to the avatar, then you place the hopping animation in the walk/run dropdowns. If you don’t have an idle animation made that keeps it above ground when it’s not moving you’ll probably wanna make one.

Ah, that makes more sense. Tried buping up the y-value in Unity and got the same result.
Also, it seems my main animation just turns me sideways when I move forwards, and can I remedy this lack of idle animation in Unity, or do I have to go to blender for that?

You can create an animation with the animator tab at the bottom. Could be that your character origin is in the middle of the volume of your cube, you’d want it at the world origin in blender. Since with the generic rig there’s no ik so it’d base it on where your origin of the actual model is, you want it to be at the bottom of the avatar where you would touch ground

I think that actually might be the case, though I’m not sure where this ‘animator’ tab is. I do see an animator component, and I can create a new animation in the assets panel, but I’m completely lost as to how I can make a new animation within anything Animator-related, or how to find an animator tab near the bottom of Unity’s UI.

What was the shader used? It could be something with the render queue being
very low so people aren’t able to see it because being filtered by the map?


I acutally started a new project and used Unity’s built in Quest-Compatible Toon shader, and I don’t actually know if that fixed the problem or not, but whatever works.

EDIT: Probably should specify it fixed the invisibility problem, the animations are doing some weird shit that I don’t want it to do.