Upload resets project settings

Ok so I am currently working on remaking Silithus from WoW and one problem I am having is the shadow render distance. It is locked at whatever quality preset I select from the ones vrchat provides. I would like to increase the shadow distance cause 150 meters is a good bit short and I feel that something more like 500 meters would look better. I am aware that this may cause a performance drop but I’d still like to increase it anyway. I have tried enabling the enter play mode option, which made me think I solved this issue but in upload it got reset anyway. Is there anyway to fix this or do I have to go find some hidden file or script to delete so I can actually change these settings?

Are you using baked or real-time lighting? With baked lighting, you could have shadows render as far as you want, and your world will probably run a little better, too.

Real-time shadow quality and distance is something VRChat overrides on upload. Here’s a Canny request to make it available:


How this helps!

I am having to use realtime on at least a directional light as I wish to have a day-night cycle. Unless there is a way to have an animated light be baked and not look bad I going to assume I’m just out of luck and have to live with bad 150 meter shadows. Thank you for the reply though as it is good know that at least for backed lighting I can increase the shadow distance.

You’re welcome! A day-night cycle is a pretty complex feature, I wish you the best of luck.

Have you considered making a day and night version of your world?

This is actually going to be a very ambitious world project as I wish to not simply import Silithus but revamp it as though it were it’s own little world. So thing like mini world events and being able to go and raid Ahn’Qiraj and such. I simply wanted the world to look a bit better but oh well.