Unity UI not working with SDK3


I’m working on a simple world made in Unity with UI input field, text and buttons.
I tried with basic elements and TextMeshPro with simple actions (not Udon behaviour).
When I test/build, the input field and buttons do not respond at all.

Someone could help ?
Is Udon behaviour mandatory (the doc says no) ?

Thanks in advance :wink:

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Your UI is on the UI layer, so you need to have your Quick Menu open to interact with it.

Change the layer of your UI to Default and you can use it as normal without the Quick Menu open.


You also need a VRC UI Shape component on the Canvas, IIRC?

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That too

Thanks for your replies.
Everything is on the Default layer, but I don’t have a VRC UI Shape on the canvas, will try this one.

What is IIRC ? (yes I’m a noob !)

if I recall correctly or if I remember correctly

Haha ok, thought it was something in VRC or Unity :slight_smile:

I added the VRC_UiShape on my canvases and the interactivity came back to life !
Super thanks :+1: