Unity not letting me build and publish avatar

Whenever I press build and publish nothing happens. Im pretty new to avatar editing and everything I looked up didnt really help, only thing that happens is the prompt at the bottom.

You have console errors preventing upload.
Though I would need to see the console to help further as I don’t know which errors in specific you have

Not an expert when it comes to Unity errors but based on thee fact it’s telling you you’re missing a prefab it’s likely your avatar is missing a script.

Gotcha! This is what it says.

Obviously Im not an expert but I am guessing this might be something to do with Dynamic Bones? All of the errors except for one says its referencing a missing script. I personally have zero clue what it is, but the only other kind that stands out is this.

Have you downloaded dynamic bones?

The unity tool.

No not yet, from what I’ve seen it costs 20$ on the unity store. I’m guessing this will probably fix all my problems with this would it?

Most likely since your avatar has some jiggle bones (looking at the avatar i assume the hair and breasts will probably jiggle)

If you go to where you got the avatar the creator should give you info about what is required to upload into vrchat.

Edit: I own the jigglebones application, i cannot send it to you of course but if you link the avatar here i can upload it into vrchat and let you clone it if that work around would work for you.

ah, the avatar is a bought avatar so I cannot exactly share it, and it doesn’t exactly list things you need for it to upload.

Ah i see, well then in that case I would say contact the seller and let them know the error’s you’re having and ask if there is anything you’re missing/anything you did incorrectly.

Got dynamic bones, so this problem is solved!

Glad to hear it!, enjoy your avatar dude!