Unity help needed! BEG OF YOU!

So uhhh I don’t under how to lower physbone transform count if anyone could help I’ll be happy!

This is not an issue with Unity, it’s the VRChat SDK telling you your avatar is eye-wateringly inefficient and will tank the framerate of the Quest 2.

The easiest way to fix this is to remove all PhysBone components, but you will lose things like physics hair, tail, clothes etc. If you want to keep some of these, you will have to be selective with what components you remove.

138 vs 64?

Personally I make a copy of the scene the avatar is in, and take a hacksaw to the physbones. Cut out what matters the least and see where you get. I believe a transform is counted for each bone in a mesh.

I trash all the physbones scripts and keep an eye on the numbers as each one is deleted, then I can know how many are for each section. Maybe you keep ears and a tail. Sometimes avatars have multiple tails but maybe throw ones physbones away.

Check for end bones. Those aren’t needed for unity, but if present they are real bones that are counted. Not simple so keep in mind for later.