Unity Freezing when importing FBX file from Blender

I wasn’t sure where to put this, but whenever I try to import an FBX from my Blender project into any Unity project (no matter what), it always freezes, I’ve gone from waiting an hour, all the way up to about 3 hours trying to wait for the FBX to import and it just doesn’t budge.

  1. I am using the correct version of Unity.
  2. It only happens with this FBX out of all that I have tried thus far.
    Literally ANY help on this would be appreciated! I cannot seem to find anything on Google or YouTube or anything at all.

(Edit: I just tried those other FBXs right after posting this, none of them are working now.)

(Edit 2: They’ve now loaded, it just took a few minutes, but the first one mentioned is still not working, the Unity project won’t even close, it’s just completely frozen with that one.)