"Unity Application is running..." while uploading Unity to VRChat

I have an avatar designed in Unity. When trying to upload it to VRChat using VRChat SDK. It works for a while and then stops with "Unity Application is running…Stop it to access the Control Panel ". At this point the Scene window switches to Game and the play button is showing as activated. Pressing the play button refocuses to the VRChat sdk panel, however it resets. There is no avatar saved or uploaded. It just starts back at the beginning.

This problem started after I had already uploaded a few trial versions of the avatar. So at one point things were working. One of the problems I was trying to address, was the ‘open mouth’. Just could not get that avatar to shut it! :slight_smile:

I feel I am missing something obvious here. Have checked versions for the VRchat SDK and Unity, and am running the current (appropriate) ones.

Any ideas?

Check the settings panel in the VRCSDK. Is “Future Proof Publish” activated? If so, try turning it off and trying again. Usually, future proof causes issues when uploading.

As for the open mouth problem, does it seem to be affected by your eye tracking or head rotation? If you set up your blend shapes using CATS and remove some (for example, removing your lower blinking blend shapes) it may cause problems with visemes, regardless if they’re used or not. Otherwise, check if your silence (sil) viseme is using the correct blend shape in your Avatar Descriptor.
If all else fails, are you talking about when you finish talking your mouth gapes open? If so, that’s probably a client issue and isn’t affected by your avatar. It shouldn’t be a problem either, just a little distracting to only yourself…

TL;DR, Disable Future Proof Publish, make sure you have all your blend shapes on your model you would at setup, check your silence (sil) viseme in your Avatar Descriptor.

I hope you fix your problem, Unity can be so frustrating sometimes…

Thanks for this great explanation.

I did turn off the future proofing, and it did make the process go a lot more quickly. But it still bombs out in the same way. Though I noticed a new error code pop up in the SDK window right before the whole game window play button thing happens. The error says something about ‘pipeline savers’ which are not needed and will be removed. At least now when it bombs out I am not sitting there waiting for a couple minutes to find out. :slight_smile:

The mouth issue, is definitely a matter of my not being experienced enough. You mentioned CATS in the blend shapes. Just to be certain, this avatar is humanoid…just in case CATS referred to the feline avatar I have on my profile. Which does bring up another issue I am intending to work on… I get a notifcation about the avatar not importing as a humanoid. But when I check the settings it shows that humanoid is selected. Since it was just a notifcation, I figured I could solve it later …like after I get the avatar to actually upload.

BTW test mode works. I was able to build a test and view it in VRChat.

Sorry to pester you again but I had a question. Is there any chance this problem started as a result of the recent VRC version update? I checked SDK and Unity versions, but I did start toying with Avatars before the version update.

CATS is an assistant plugin for blender. Most VRC creators use it because it streamlines the process and automatically sets up some of the game’s weirder wants. If you aren’t already using it, I suggest you start. Literally every tutorial on making avatars you’ll find has something to do with CATS so you won’t have to go looking far to get a good explanation.

As for your second question, sometimes you will have issues uploading if your SDK is out of date. Personally, whenever I have problems uploading; the very first thing I do is update my SDK and try again.

In case you haven’t done it before:

…Use ctrl+n to open a new scene so updating won’t cause any problems with your scene. Like this, your work basically has a lid put on it and if you don’t open your scene until you finish the updating process, everything should be preserved
…Right click on the VRCSDK folder in your project and open it in your file browser.
…Close unity and in your file browser, delete all VRCSDK folders and their accompanying .meta files.
…Relaunch unity and install the latest SDK as you would like a first installation.

I’m starting to think you may have some kind of script in your project which has compatibility issues with VRC’s SDK. If you have custom scripts, editors, toolkits, etc. installed in your project, I suggest removing some of them and seeing if it works.

A good way to tell is to move your avatar into a fresh project which only has the VRCSDK and seeing if it uploads fine. If it does work then, find all the non-vrc related scripts and dependencies in your main project and remove some of them until it works.

Good luck!

Thanks again for your time and insight.

You have given me something to explore. Will hopefully start that Friday!

One of the first things I tried was to redownload the SDK recommended on the VRChat webpage.

Thank you again for your help! Perhaps we will meet in VRC sometime.


Hello again,

I don’t want to impose, but you seem to know a lot about Blender etc. Would you mind if I ask you more questions?

I am approaching this all with only some self taught CAD (FreeCad), and before that a much older program called B-Cad. I am having a problem finding answers to what seem like very specific questions.

If you decide I am too much of a pest, I will not take offense if you choose not to answer. (this or future emails)


Did you find a fix to the "Unity Application is running…Stop it to access the Control Panel ". yet?
I’ve been stuck on it for two days now and really need help.

I am really not very awake right now, but … try waiting. That screen is right before the screen where you enter details used for VRChat (like world name, number of people allowed on it, etc etc etc…and you have to check the box in the lower left corner before hitting UPLOAD). I think I was reading that warning wrong, believing there was something wrong. When it fact it was just taking its time moving to the next part.

Let me know if that helps please.