Unexpected physics / collission behaviour

I’m building a world where players will be playing a board game involving a board, cards and player pieces. However, I’m seeing unexpected behaviour when the player attempts to move a player piece over another object such as the game table or game board.


There seems to be an invisible barrier or collider of some sort above the table in general and the game board as well, extending above the table and board to some distance. This prevents the player, who can be holding a player piece, from properly positioning it over the board.

I don’t understand what’s happening here from a Unity/VRC technical perspective, so I’m hoping that someone will be able to shed some light on this.

It may help to know that the table is a prefab from a package that I bought. The game board and player pieces are 3D cubes that I created. They all have box collider active and the player pieces have VRC Pickup script and rigid body so that they player can pick them up.

I hope I’ve explained this properly. Hopefully someone will understand what is wrong here.

That sounds like there’s a physics collider on some layer that’s set to interact with a collider/rigidbody on the player piece?

I’m still fairly new to Unity/UDON but I’ll try playing with the colliders and see what happens. :slight_smile: