UNet - Udon Networking

UNet (UDON Networking) is a simple network system that provides reliable binary data transfer and serialization for Udon.
UNet supports message management, sending messages in a strict sequence, targeting messages (to everyone, only the master or players from the list).

You can find more details and release on the github page. It will always have the latest version, as well as examples of working with the network.

Supports up to 64 connections (including own).

Supported delivery methods:

  • Normal - data will certainly be delivered, but order is not guaranteed. For example, can be used for chat messages or some actions on the map.
  • Sequenced - slower than normal mode, but data will be delivered in strict order.

Supported send targets:

  • All - message is delivered to all clients
  • Master - message is only delivered to the master client
  • Single target - message is delivered to the specified client
  • Multiple targets - message is delivered to the specified clients on the list



I’m not quite following.

So this makes it so you dont have to use Network Events…?
Why is that more beneficial?

Are you about the “Custom Network Event”?
Yes, udon has 2 nice things for synchronizing object states: events (simple RPCs), and simple synchronized variables. And in many cases it is better to use them, it is more optimal.

But for now, that’s all there is.
But what if you need more complex RPCs with arguments? Or maybe you need to transfer data only to a specific player or in a specific order? Or sync structures or arrays? And also a lot of other things, you have to make weird constructions in order to synchronize all this.
I decided to go from the basics and made a “transport layer” like many network systems, and with this you can create complex systems with the structure you need.

P.S. Sorry if the answer is rude, i use a translator.

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Aaah, okay, I think I get it now :slight_smile:
Thats pretty cool then. I keep it in mind if my Project gets more complex.

Dont worry the translator worked surprisingly well lol