UNet - Udon Networking

UNet is a simple network system that provides binary data transfer for Udon.
UNet supported base features used in network systems: unreliable and reliable delivery methods, targeted messages send, separation into master and common players.

You can find more details and release on the github page. It will always have the latest version, as well as examples of working with the network.

Supported delivery methods:

  • Unreliable - simplest mode, low network load, but some data may be lost. It can be used to transfer frequently updated data, for example, the position of an object.
  • Reliable - the data will certainly be delivered, but this mode is more loads on the network. Can be used for chat messages or some actions on the map.
  • Reliable sequenced - loads the network a little more than reliable mode, but the data will be delivered in a strict order.

Supported send targets:

  • All - message is delivered to all clients
  • Master - message is only delivered to the master client
  • Single target - message is delivered to the specified client
  • Multiple targets - message is delivered to the specified clients on the list