Unable to view or edit my own world on the VRC website

Hey! So! I was working on a little world I made a few months ago, just adding and removing some things. Took a few tries to get everything to work properly and remove all the red errors and problematic yellow errors.

Before I had tried to update this world, I noticed that the original world was inaccessible through VRC. Okay, not a big issue, I’ll just fix that when I push the update. I was wrong. The update went through as normal, it showed that it was successful, but it still sent me back to my home world when trying to get into it.

Browsed through the site and found a potential fix which led me to my issue. The idea I got would require me to remove the world form the VRC site. But when I go to look at the world details, I get a blank screen and can’t do anything with it. At this point, I am out of ideas.

What’s the world ID? (Can DM it)

Pulled this from vrcw so not sure if it will work properly.
Noted that on the that site it displays status as ‘Deleted from VRChat’, but it’s still there.

This world ID does indeed not exists.

"error": {
    "message": "\"World wrld_b933152f-4e67-4e26-8c2d-d395f46b165f not found\"",

Do you see the correct world under the “Mine” list on the VRChat website? https://vrchat.com/home/worlds

So you might just have to upload to a new one. Not much else that can be done unfortunately.

Yes, it does appear there.
I see. 3rd times a charm! Thanks for your assistance!