Unable to set animator trigger with Udon Behavior

I’ve created a wall that moves across my game board (wiping all the game pieces off) when I click on a Trigger variable in my animator. Once the animation finishes, the animator resets to the idle animation… ready for the next Trigger activation.

When I run this in Unity, it works perfectly… clicking the trigger “sweepOnce”, I can watch the transition move from Idle to Sweep, and returns to Idle once the Sweep completes.

I created a separate game object, and added a Udon Behavior with a public variable of type Animator, created the Node “Event Interact” which connects to an “Animator SetTrigger”, with the type “string” (entered “sweepOnce”) and connected to the public Animator.

But when I test locally and publish and test in VRChat, using the object with the Udon Behavior does nothing.

Any idea what I’m missing?

So bizarre - I created a 3rd animation, and set a new boolean variable in the animator - I used the boolean to transition from “idle” to the “Sweeper2” (when false goes back to “idle”), and added a 2nd Game Object with a new Udon Behavior.

This new Udon Behavior uses the “Event Interact” to connect to an “Animator SetBool”, targetting the “Animator”, and using an “Animator GetBool” along with a “Boolean Unary Negator”.

Now when I click either of the Game Objects (with the Udon Behaviors), they both work…

I’ll keep experimenting, and see if I can make sense of why the “SetTrigger” only works if the “SetBool” exists somewhere in the scene…

I think I just needed to restart Unity, my computer, or both - the “Animator SetTrigger” is working without the “SetBool” being present.