Unable to login to SDK2 for avatars?

I didn’t really know where to post this, and it didn’t seem to belong in hub, so…

Its basically as the title says. I’m trying to log into the SDK (through Unity) to upload my avatars but I keep getting error messages saying incorrect password/username.

I even reset my password, waited awhile, and then retried, but it still says my login is incorrect, although it works fine on the actual VRChat website when accessing my account.

I have a steam VRChat account thats linked/merged with an actual VRChat account, and neither login, both for steam and VRChat, works. Could this be because my account started with a Steam account, or what?

Make sure you use the email or the first name you signed up with.

Interesting, it says to login with my username, but when I input my email it worked just fine. Thank you!

Yeah. Username and display name is two different things. Display name being the name you changed to after creating the account.