Unable to interact with a button to toggle a mirror

I’m trying to make a simple box-style Dark Souls world with a toggle-able mirror and avatar pedestal. I’ve looked up how to make the button for the mirror in Udon, but no matter what I have tried, I’m not able to interact with the button to toggle the mirror. No outline indicating something to toggle appears.
Here’s what the Udon graph for the mirror toggle looks like

So far I’ve tried setting the mirror as active and inactive, duplicating and remaking the graph, changing the material on the button, and parenting and unparenting the button to other objects in the scene.
The GameObject is the button and the Target is the mirror

Hey. Since I am a lover of universal code. My solution is this:

This is the button code. It allows you to send a signal in 2 directions to any object that you choose in the inspector.
Of course, the receiving script should be on the object.
In our case, it looks like this:
This script allows you to not only enable or disable an object, but also disable any other object without reference to the location of the script. This is useful if the animator weighs on the object.
Also, if you want the world to boot with objects already disabled and you would have the ability to turn them on. You must disable them with a script at the start of the world.It seems like the problem is solved with the help of Udon Shurp, but so far this is a problem for udon.

Here is an example of such a script:

Hope that helped, good luck ^ _ ^

This doesn’t seem to work for me either. The button just doesn’t work when I test the world, and still doesn’t appear with an outline indicating a toggle-able thing. The script to disable an object at the start of the world doesn’t work either. I don’t know if I’m missing some crucial setting that’s preventing the Udon stuff from working, or if it just refuses to work entirely for me for whatever reason.

Let’s go in private messages so as not to clog the topic, and if we can solve the problem, write down its solution here. Ok?

I created a clean world with a mirror. I hope you find it useful.Mirror World