Unable to favorite/unfavorite avatars

And I have this issue now, is there a way to fix it in the ned or am I sutck like this? I can’t unfavorite a avatar and it keeps it at 25/25 when I don’t have that ammount.
Please, help!

just got this issue today and i have no idea how to fix it

samething for me…

Having the same issue with being unable to unfavorite avatars.

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Yea im having an issue where i unfavorite avatars on my list but they are still there and the number didnt go down.

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I’ve been playing with my partner for about 4 days now and TODAY It will not let me favorite/Unfavorite. I’ve had the maximum since almost last night, it seem’s like this happens often

This is getting beyond a joke almost a week and I can’t even use my fave avatars vr chat sort it out