Unable to favorite/unfavorite avatars

Recently today, an avatar creator had deleted all their content, and my favorites list is bugged. Currently, there isn’t any workarounds unless I can properly unfavorite the avatar. I didn’t have 16/16, but my last four avatars are listed twice (And an extra random favorited avatar if I ‘unfavorite’ the deleted slot).
Can there be an update later to automatically unfavorite deleted (“Avatar Not Avaliable”, with default VRChat logo) avatars?

I cleared my cache, reset local user data, unfavoriting the avatar… nothing worked.

Edit: Now able to unfavorite and refavorite (Well, to unfavorite any avatars favorited after the bug, that updates), but the deleted avatar slot hasn’t updated.
Edit 2: My favorites list for adding new friends doesn’t work. Might be affecting the favoriting system entirely. Possibly affected the functionality of favoriting worlds.
Edit 3: I heard that the VRChat Cloud updates somewhat biweekly to clean/refresh deleted avatar ID and such. Hopefully it refreshes my list soon. If the VRC team is watching, broken favoriting lists (that result from unavailable/blank favorite spots) have been an issue since 2017. If you do get time to fix it, it will most likely benefit everyone on VRChat.
Final edit: Favorites list updated, as I can finally resume normal favoriting of avatars/users. As I did absolutely nothing to fix the issue myself, it might be either my account cloud was refreshed, or something that I don’t know about.


I believe you’re correct-- there’s a cleanup operation that runs every so often to remove “invalid” favorites. There’s better ways to do this, but it is one of those many things that we’ve yet to get to improving.

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Is there a schedule us users can follow? My game is doing the same thing, and if there isn’t anything i can do, id like to know when my avatar list can be updated/refreshed.

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I’m actually not 100% sure if that’s how things work. If you’re having issues with your favorites list, please contact our Support team (make sure you select the “SUP” category)

I played vrchat some time ago when friends list and avatar saves were wiped, I since then (about a year or two ago) started playing this past weeks and I still have avatars from that time, I literally have like 8 or 10 avatars in there that I cant remove at least and its very frustrating only having like 6 or 8 favorite slots open, will I also just have to wait and see?

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Yeah. I can literally not unfavorite any avatars

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Yeah same here I can’t unfavorite anything too

this issue is very weird for me. i can favorite and unfavorite as much as i want then come in the next day and its corrected to what i unfavorited and favorited. but it will never update anymore the same time i unfavorite or favorite now

Same problem here when will this be fixed?

im also currently experiencing this issue - didnt play vrchat for a while and now have two avatars that are no longer available but cant unfavorite them ~ if there is some sort of “refresh” that happens do you have to get on the game regularly for it to affect your account =/


im in the same boat, one of mine is avatar unavailable but I can’t unfavorite it

Same here, it has been more than a week almost two and can’t click on it to unfavorite.

I’m having the same problem. Hope it gets fixed

I have been having this issue now for a day or so. and it is really annoying. I am really hoping that stuff that I have tried to favorite actually sticks. mine partially updated, but it is still being wonky.

agreed I was having that same problem

in the same boat

Any update?

I have a different work around of the same issue. Instead of it copying skins it says there are more that there are.(EX. It says I have 25/25 when really it should be 12/25)

Im having the same issue and havent found any solutions as of yet…

i have this issue now