Unable to add more of the same nodes?

Hey there, i seem to be unable to add more of the same nodes i already have in the graph. They come up in the node search but nothing happens when i click on them, i tried other nodes and that works fine. I also tried copying the nodes with no luck.

Anyone know why this is happening?

what do you want to add?

Just a OnPlayerTriggerEnter, but i realized it prob wont let you have two, cuz you can just use the one to connect several nodes:)

you can’t really have multiple trigger functions in unity/c# thid limitations carries over to udon.

trigger functions are things like OnTriggerEnter, Start, Update, etc.

the reason for this is simple, the code doesn’t know which of the two to use.

In general you write a function to do a certain thing, and when you need a function to do more, you just add it to the function.

Sadly udon itself doesn’t allow for function overloading to help manage multiple functions with similar functionality. But in general that would he bad practice to have two functions with the same name do different things.

A way around this however is making a new udon behavior and splitting the new functionality into its own thing. you can have multiple udon behaviors on the same object. Do keep in mind that they’ll be run after each other depending on which one is higher in the list