uKeyboard - Multi-language support ( U# ) WIP

A multi-language keyboard made with UdonSharp ( U# )

Was I need of a in-world keyboard that I could use to interact with different text screens, so created this with Udon and UdonSharp.

All languages are stored in text files and Udon takes care of the formating and displaying.

Still got some things to sort out on it and still waiting for string sync.

The main idea behind this is to make it very modular, so that the keyboard isn’t attached to a single place, but will be moved around based on what locations you want to use it in.
But also make it so that it can interact with any text based systems with minimal set up upfront.

Everything will be shared once it is complete


Have you made any more progress on this project?
I’m really interested to see how it works.

Bit slow on the reply as I have indeed done some progress on it. Rebuilding it and making it work with the new updated Udon Graph interface.

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Can I make any contribution to this with Vietnamese keyboard?
I have implemented a simple Vietnamese keyboard in 1 of my worlds

Please tell if there is anything I can help