UdonSyncPlayer check for master and guestcontrol

Hello, I’m using the already existing Udon program of UdonSyncPlayer and am further modifying it.
What I want is for the master of the world to enable/disable guest control of the videoplayer and this works already for playing/pausing. Now the problem is when entering a URL for a new video.

I’m doing two checks for whether “AllowGuestControlVideo” is true/false or whether the master is making the request. AllowGuestControlVideo is a bool that is default false and is being toggled elsewhere in the same program.

I can’t seem to do the check just after the “OnUrlChanged” event so had to do it after the first “Is Valid” and it works for the first branch only. However it never seems to enter the second branch. If I turn them around it checks for master but never guestcontrol.

The second picture shows how I check when pressing play/pause and it seems like it uses the same logic.

Hopefully this is enough information and thanks in advance!

Edit: I’ve done this as a (temporary) workaround but I doubt this is good practice.