UdonSharp, a C# to Udon compiler

Hey all, I’ve been putting together a very basic C# to Udon compiler in the past couple months that I call UdonSharp or U# for short. The goals of this project are to be as close to C# as possible and eventually to allow any valid C# project to compile to Udon with minor changes. I hope people familiar with normal C# in Unity will feel at home using U#. At the moment there’s a long list of things that are supported on the GitHub page for this project. I’ve been busy with improving the compiler so I’ve been putting off making a forum topic about it, but it’s at a point where it is somewhat stable and functional.

Without further ado, here’s the link to the GitHub for the project which has some basic installation and use instructions: https://github.com/Merlin-san/UdonSharp

This page may be updated, but for now read the U# readme and look at the wiki for examples and links to community-made examples since it’s easier to keep the wiki as a centralized resource for info.


This is awesome! I’ll be sure to start using this for more complicated programs :slight_smile: The node editor always makes me feel unorganized. Thanks for your work!

The node editor can actually be pretty organized if you lay things out in a nice way, but U# is by far much better when you start going over to the complicated stuff

Certainly, but I’ve ended up spending a lot of time just repositioning nodes to make it look better. And being that there’s no zoom control, when your programs get complicated enough/you have enough custom functions it can start to feel pretty confusing.

Adding a hearty recommendation for this compiler. Merlin is easy to get answers from if you need help, and their tool is extremely well developed. Use this. It’s better than Udon Graph.

Thank you for this. Was kinda confused with the node graph :smile:

This has been a lifesaver. Having no IDE hints, not being able to search for example solutions to common problems in Unity, and the tiny window you have into the graph with no zoom function has all made Node Graph far more challenging for me than C#.


For those that don’t know, Merlin has a Patreon to support U# development. I highly recommend subscribing! There’s a link at the bottom of the github repo README.