Udon world - how to play animations at key points?

I created my first world and used Udan, and have a few questions.

First, here is the world now ( will launch quest version soon): VRChat - Home

This is a test world, and the unicorn came with some animations, is there a tutorial on how to cue these animations (flapping wings, standing idle, etc) in relation to user actions? I am new to unity and especially these more advanced applications and wonder how to call specific animations on events?

(I am also having an error where velocity applied to a player sometimes does not stop after flying ends but I feel like I can sort that out haha.)

Also, would anyone know of a tutorial where when you enter a space you are transported to an adjacent but not connected map or terrain? I am thinking of expanding where you can fly to an above the clouds area.

Okay, so I forgot to uncheck a box in a bool haha. So I am assuming that is fixed. Still would like animation tutorial suggestions, although I can seeing a greyed out coming soon feature in udon which may in part deal with this too.

if you’re using Udon# you can just tell the animator to play an animation.

    public Animator anim;

    public override void OnInteract(){

Do know that Udon doesn’t sync animations, so I recommend making it a network event instead.
More info: Unity - Scripting API: Animator.Play

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@Luna_Delrey So the example I followed gave a node/noodles and a udon# examples. I installed udon# but couldn’t get that version to work. Possibly it is because I am new, as a couple things it called didn’t change to the same colors as the example.

First, let me thank you, as this will be helpful when I sort that out. Second, might you be interested in editing my udon# for me, collaborating? If you look at my world above, the unicorn is a prefab with armature, and the animations for standing idle, flapping wings, gliding, landing, are already with it. It would add a lot to the experience and I am going to add some game components and turn the terrain into a island. It should be fun! Haha

Udon# and Udon can do the same thing,
Udon# is mainly for those comfortable with unity and c#.

You can do the same thing in udon.

That said, I don’t mind helping out with things. Feel free to shoot me a DM with your discord and I’ll help where I can.