Udon Video Player unable to read URL's

bit of context for what im trying to do:
I have a train world that I made recently and I want to put a video player in one of the cars. I have 2 project files as the old one broke in some setting somewhere and I had to restart and reimport everything.

In the old project file, the Unity video player prefab worked perfectly. no issues or bugs that I could find.
In the New project file, the same prefab is now giving me the same 3 errors when i try to play any youtube video.

The first error shows up when the play button is pushed and the other 2 are shown after putting a link into the link input.

not sure if this is important but ill leave it here anyway.

Unity version: 2018.4.20f1
Sdk version update: 2021.

for udon, try this player instead: