Udon UI interaction for object toggles

I have taken a look at the example scene for UI buttons and the like and have yet to figure out how to get UI buttons to work with udon. I have the canvas set up with the button as well as the UdonBehavior.interact being called by the on click but things arent working.
The script i use to toggle objects works fine when its put onto a regular object, just not on a UI element.


Any ideas for why this button isnt working? (Im testing in desktop if that makes a difference)

You need the UIShape component on the canvas too.

Well, without adding UIShape, i also realized i was missing an input event system, adding this solved the “unclickable” issue.

UIShape was also added just incase, but thank you.

UIShape is required for VR users to be able to interact with it.

Glad i added it then lol. Thank You.

What is your Udon Script you used. Can’t get mine to work