Udon Teleporting?

I wanted to ask, if Udon still has the VRC_Trigger in some form, because with the Older SDK, I could create an area or object to do something. When I browsed for the Scripts in Udon I didn’t find a Trigger.
So how do create Teleporters? I’m not THAT experienced in programming, only designing so please keep it simple.
Thank you very much!

The Udon SDK is quite literally a new SDK from scratch, almost nothing remains from the old trigger system in it.
To detect a player touching a trigger you need to know this.

Here is a example for you to copy/paste into a udon graph.

Is it teleportation?

There seems to be something critical missing from that example as it can’t be compiled.

I’m sure its obvious for someone who knows what they’re doing, but someone like myself has been searching for days online for a solution specifically because i don’t know what I’m doing.

all tutorials I’ve been able to find for teleportation aren’t actually step by step for beginners, and leave out way too much information, and don’t activate with collision with a collider, etc.

some methods seem to imply the need to use 2 Udon behaviors for making a single 1 way teleport button.

i am very much at loss here and overwhelmed with the learning curve. It seems like im going to have to watch several hours/days worth of “the basics” sorts of videos before i can even set up 1 simple thing.