Udon Starter Kit, Udon scripts, Shaders, and Tools to get you started

I have built a package with beginners in mind. Need a teleport? Drag in the prefab and go. Want to lock it behind you? There is a prefab for that too. Music players, physical interactions, join.leave notifications, and more. There are also a small variety of shaders for interesting effects, and Editor tools to speed up your workflow.
You can download it for free on my github or booth mirror.

requires UdonSharp UdonSharp, a C# to Udon compiler


This is awesome! Sounds like is would be incredibly helpful for beginners unfamiliar with Udon. Great job @akalink!

Have you considered making a world to show off the features of your starter kit? It might be more intuitive than your WIP wiki.

I was going to build a demo world to show off at the sunday meetup, but now that you mention it, I should make a public world people can visit.

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