Udon (SetActiveFromPlayerTrigger) how to make it local?

I have a question, there is such a standard zone in which it is activated if the player stands on it and lets particle but it only works in public and is interrupted if the second person also enters this zone how can I make sure that the zone is only activated locally so that nothing is interrupted and everyone sees their own particle ?

this is the zone ↑

this is a particle that activates if someone steps on the zone ↑
how to make it all work locally…?

Probably you need to use Networking Get Local Player.
Here is example:

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I watched the video and did it but it didn’t help what am I doing wrong? it is still global :c

The events of OnPlayerTriggerEnter and OnPlayerTriggerExit are registered by everyone. The events output which player entered/exited the trigger with the VRCPlayerApi node, so you need to take that output and use a Branch and compare it against the Networking.LocalPlayer node.

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if not difficult can you show the branch in detail how it should take place? :sob: I will be very grateful, I’m really bad at compiling the correct node, I’ve been suffering for 3 days and don’t understand how and what should be connected :sob:

left side of your node graph, see the part that says “player” under the OnTriggerEnter?

thats the instance of the player that entered, thats the part you need to drag to the right side

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This is how the graph should be set up to check against the local player:


oh thank you very much!! I would not have thought to make a graph like that :sob: