UDON How to glue props to a player like in VRChat Hub world?

I’ve added a Santa Hat prop to my world and I’m trying to figure out a way to use Udon to glue the prop to the player’s head position on event OnDrop… Can anyone help me? So far I’m using SetParent but it just warps to the players feet and doesn’t glue. This is what I have set up:

I think you can use Vrcplayer Api Get Bone Position to get the position of the head bone to stick it to it.

Yeah LocalPlayer -> GetBonePosition/Rotation is the way to go, just set them to head & probably offset the Y axis a little bit with Vector3.Addition so its not inside of their head.

But also this has to happen every frame if you want it to stay with their head, so you would put the SetPosition&Rotation in an OnUpdate event. AND have the OnDrop LocalPlayer-IsOwner change a Bool variable to True & have the SetPosition&Rotation in the OnUpdate only happen if that Bool is True. Then you can have the OnPickup turn the bool false & make the hat stealable!

Just make sure the hats Udon Behaviour is set to Sync Position, or nobody is gonna see any of this happen.