Udon Graphs UI Super Bugged

Every time I open a udon graph script then open to another, the last graphs nodes will be in the next one I click into, and even when I click compile or reload it stays bugged also closing all the graphs and then opening them back up they will keep the same bugged ui or it will show nothing and even when you zoom all the way out and move around you can’t find it. I’ve also tried making new ones, and it will open and work but as soon as I move out it will either change too another one graph ui I opened or all the nodes will disappear as soon as I move back into that graph.

Also, it’s just the graph ui that’s bugged so the scripts that bug out will still have there variables and nodes there but you just cant see them. and even when you test them, they work as the graph showed before it glitched. also, under assembly you can see that the script is still there it’s just showing another one on top of it. Also its not just a one project thing its every project I made before it just got a lot worse.

Please help! I don’t know what to do and it’s halted my project completely :sob:

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I’ve been having exactly the same issue too, it looks to be related to the variable name calling specifically with arrays, hopefully it gets fixed soon