Udon Get Variable

I am still new to Udon and learning it through some YouTube videos.

But while following the video, I cannot add ‘get variable’ node on the graph.

get var

Not only this one, I am not able to find other things.

Am I missing something?

Thanks for your help!

Drag and drop


can you elaborate on that? I also have problems with Get Variable, do you drag the scene object in to the graph?

you need to drag the variable to the graph

Ok thanks, I am sure i am doing something wrong here, i am also looking for the Udon Behaviour node and i have the same problem.

This is a snapshot from a video of what i want:

And this is what i see on the search:

I am pretty sure i am just new and dumb to this but i can not find anything named just Udon Behaviour in there:)

Maybe a step by step how to start would help:)

click plus here
then choose the type of the variable

Thank you very much, i really appreciate the help:)