Udon compile errors

Hi all!

Not sure where I might have caused this but I can’t test my scene or build & test anymore. Does anyone know what might be causing this error?

I think that error is just saying that there are other errors. I’m slowly looking at the world stuff trying to get an understanding of everything. I saw a button somewhere that would compile udon scripts, but I don’t recall where. Logically it’s on the world descriptor.

If there are already other console messages to look at, start there. It’s an interesting UI, you can toggle the three message types. Warning, information, errors.

Or if you can find the recompile button, clear the log, hit the button and then there is hopefully not too much to look at.

Thanks for your response!

The only other errors I have pertain to the UsharpVideoPlayer asset in the picture below but I’ve never encountered any errors when building because of them.

I do have a list of warnings for mirrors, the video player, and QvPens regarding empty behaviors but again, have never had any actual issues with these warnings.