[Udon Behaviour],The error I get when I want to publish the world, but I can use test

I didn’t find a solution for this error online :sob:

My partner’s computer can publish but I can’t.

Among other things, this file pops up

oh my god it’s like this now after uploading.

This is my udon graph.

Addressed the likely cause in another post here:

For future reference:
The script shouldn’t be causing any issues from publishing, the console error shown just means that there was no valid player to get the tracking data of, which would be expected when you’re just publishing the world.

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As mentioned, the object that wasn’t set was the player since it doesn’t exist in local play mode.

If you use VCC (VRChat Creator Companion), then you can use the VRChat Client Simulator to test your world in Play mode without having to upload or build a test version. Super handy.

I highly recommend VCC, but if you really don’t want to use it, the client sim is an updated version of CyanEmu. Should still work, but won’t get updates:

The problem you’re seeing in the 2nd post is related to having your VRC Scene Descriptor’s Pipeline Management component set to use a world ID that you don’t own on the account that you’re uploading on. It can happen if you built the world previously on one account, then logged into another one in the SDK.

Either log in as the owner of the world ID, or click “Detach” on that component to get a new world ID owned by the current user.