[tutorial] How to make roblox avatars

So since theres no tutorials how to make roblox avatars I’ll try to make one and explain it the best I can. Sadly there’s no R15 tutorials how to do it so i would recommend doing R6 avatars.

Things you need:
Unity 2018 4.20
Blender (any version)
PMX Editor
roblox studio
VRCHAT SDK 2 (I used to import my roblox avatar into vrchat)

1st step: Would recommend watching this video first bc it got all you need for rigging the avatar for the roblox avatar: https://youtu.be/MzjV5IeFnIg

2nd step: go to blender and add some shoulder bones named “Collar.L and Collar.R”.

3rd step: after all of that you can go to unity and upload your avatar! If it says anything about no shoulders you will need to put the shoulder bones on there yourself by going to configure and go to left arm and right arm and put the collar bones on there.

Hope that was helpful, if you got any problems doing this I’ll make sure to reply to your comment.

Have a nice day! :slight_smile:

UPDATE: I made a video just for the people who wants to know how to import Roblox characters to vrchat. np! Better than the text I put on this forum Lol

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Tysm this is so helpful. my textures kinda got messed up for the hats tho in the PMX editor stage

The video is set to private and I used this video last weekend and am stuck halfway through the process.