[tutorial] How to import any roblox avatar into vrchat

I found out a way to import any roblox avatar into vrchat but it’s not fully done so if your character is buggy or something else use Blender 2.79 bc it worked really fine in blender 2.79 but not 2.8x or 2.9x. Anyways here’s the link will make update videos on this so stay tuned.
YT vid: How to upload any roblox avatar into vrchat [READ DESC] - YouTube
Blender 2.79 (recommended): Index of /release/Blender2.79/
VRC SDK3.0: VRChat - Home
Unity download: What's new in Unity 2018.4.20 - Unity

Hopefully this was helpful and if you got any question don’t be scared to comment! Np!

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So, I just rigged roblox avatar on myself.
It is working fine on 2.8x, because I only use 2.8x.

im gonna make an avatar world and upload the model on Booth.pm soon.

This is the example I customized.
Also It is FBT compatible.