Trying to setup teleportation in world

So, I am making a world with multiple doors to teleport you into different rooms. When I use the one side, I go to the next room, and if I turn around and click the handle, I go to the previous room. However, I can not click again to go to the next room or vice versa. I was wondering if it was an option that was auto enabled for spam cases to stop people from constantly spammed the handles to go back and forth?

If one works, but not the other, then you forgot to set something on the other one.

Both teleports work, but the issue is that I can only click both once. Then I can’t use them anymore unless I reload the world.

Then you need to share what you’re using for the teleport.

Spawn Udon Object

I have the Udon scripts and the object inspector opened.

The problem is that you have an extra unnecessary teleport that doesn’t have a playerapi defined. If you don’t define a playerapi, then the script will crash.

Also, teleport expects a world position. You’re providing the local position of an object, so unless it is doesn’t have any parents or its parents are at 0,0,0, it will teleport to the wrong location

Would that cause the teleports to work only once? Because I can teleport to each side of the door, but only once, then it doesn’t move me at all.

And the reason I added the second teleport was because I would get teleported out of the room and fall, then respawn. The second teleport let me spawn on the opposite side of the door.

Yes, because the first teleport would work and then the second would cause it to crash. By “second” I’m not referring to the second time you click it. Instead I’m referring to the second teleport you have that in the graph. Once the udonbehaviour has crashed it will not function.

Teleporting to the wrong location would be fixed by using world space position instead of local position.

I removed the second teleport and it worked… I guess I was spawning at 0,0,0 when I was having issues trying to set the spawn point. Thank you @Phasedragon and @PhaxeNor for helping.