Trying to import a rigged sketchfab model into VRChat and I need help

So I was recently emailed a sketchfab model that a family member of mine wants me to see if I can adjust it for VRChat on PC so their younger relative can use it when she plays with them. The model is fully rigged and only has four fingers. Not only that, it’s my first time making an avatar for this game and I could use as much help as possible :slight_smile:

Some things to take note:

  • The model is 24.1k triangles and 12.1k vertices

  • It dosen’t have a second spine in (Is it required for avatars to have a second spine?)

That’s all! Sorry if I take up too much time or annoy you all

So, bluntly, get blender and use cats.

No really, it’s pretty much the one-stop-tool to get avatars ready and compatible for vrchat.

It’ll help you setup the blend shapes for mouth movements, help fix your rig to work properly in vrchat (you might need to rename some bones to get cats to detect it properly, it’ll tell you what the names are supposed to be) and it’ll help you setup the materials properly.